God is STILL sending men!!

Today’s Reading: 2 Sam. 12-13, Luke 16

Today’s Reflection: 2 Samuel 12:1a And the LORD sent Nathan unto David…

God is still sending men!! I could not help but immediately stop upon reading these few opening words of chapter twelve and begin thanking The Lord for the men of God He has sent into my life over the years to give me correction, instruction, wisdom, sound doctrine, and vision for my life, my family, and my ministry. 

The ones who have spoken the loudest in my life have been those of most consequence to the course of my destiny, for which I am very grateful. I wonder if I have any readers today who would take a few moments even now to thank The Lord for sending His servant into your life with the Word of God, at a time when you desperately needed it? 

Maybe, if they are still living, it would do you (and them) some good to pay a visit, send a letter, or at least make a phone call or send a text, thanking them for obeying God’s voice in going where He sent them! 

And make no mistake about it; if you are hearing God’s word through God’s Spirit from the lips of an individual who just so happens to be in your life right now, they WERE placed there BY GOD for YOUR benefit! Never doubt that! 

Many make the common mistake of thinking that God would never “go through the trouble” of raising up a man of God to send him to one individual. Nothing could be further from the truth! God never needed a mass group of people to speak to. Jesus, in fact, would delay meetings with crowds, just to stop and minister to one. And He did it over and over again. So it is with YOU! 

Just as the LORD sent Nathan unto David (one man), God sends someone into YOUR life with the specific assignment of being that clarion voice of truth and guidance to help you in your journey. Now, don’t get me wrong; God DOES speak to crowds, too, but He does so in order that each and every individual will hear and take head to His truth. 

You can’t have crowds without the individuals who make up the crowds, so it’s ALWAYS about the individual! And before you think that He only speaks to “important” people like Kings (such as David in our text), just remember this; the Bible is FULL of people all throughout both the Old and New Testaments who were average and ordinary men and women, to whom God’s word was sent in order to bless them with its light!! 

Even King David was at one point just a shepherd boy out in a field tending sheep. But because he responded to and fell in love with God’s word, God blessed him beyond human comprehension. Will you get YOUR blessing? Then listen!

Floodgates of Heaven
Volume 2
Entry 111 of 365

copyright © by Gary D. Caudill