Are YOU in the lineage of The King???

Today’s Reading: 2 Sam. 9-11, Luke 15:11-32

Today’s Reflection: 2 Sam. 9:9 Then the king called to Ziba, Saul’s servant, and said unto him, I have given unto thy master’s son all that pertained to Saul and to all his house.

Ziba’s master, King Saul, is dead. He and his sons, who were once servants to King Saul, are now unemployed from the King’s service. Then, seemingly from out of nowhere, the new king, King David, has need of them, but NOT for himself! 

As it turns out, King Saul had a crippled grandson down in Lodebar, who was just struggling to survive with his young son Micha. As providence would have it, one day it came into David’s heart to show kindness to the house of Saul for his son Jonathan’s sake, whom King David had made a covenant with before he died in battle. When he began to ask if there was any in Saul’s house that he could show kindness to, Saul’s grandson (Jonathan’s boy) Mephibosheth came up! 

So, it turns out that no matter how bad it looked for Mephibosheth, his blood line is what ended up saving him! Little did he know the covenant that was made with his father to ensure that his family would be taken care of would employ Ziba, his sons, and his servants just to tend to his needs, as if he was king. 

I said all of that to say this; just as the power of the blood line coupled with the power of a covenant saved Mephibosheth, even so the power of a blood line and the power of a covenant is available for salvation to all who place their trust in Jesus Christ! 

You see, we were all born into sin under a cursed blood from our father Adam (the first Adam). Then Jesus Christ (the second Adam), King of Kings and Lord of Lords, gave His perfect blood on an old rugged cross for the sins of the bloodline of the first Adam. 

Meanwhile, God the Father (Jesus’ Father) had made a covenant with Jesus, that whosoever shall call upon His name shall be saved from their sins. At that point, the blood of Jesus Christ washes our sins away, and thus makes us to become kings and priests in His kingdom, and heirs and joint heirs with Christ Himself.  

Why? Because of the blood line! He REDEEMS us (buys us back) from the old cursed blood line of the first Adam, gives us essentially a spiritual blood transfusion, and therefore gives us the pure blood line of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. 

So, if you are saved today by HIS grace, you have ROYAL BLOOD running through your spiritual veins. Like Mephibosheth, He may have found you in Lodebar, but He hath made us to sit together in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus (that’s the King’s table)!! Rejoice with me today that faith places us in the lineage of Christ!

Floodgates of Heaven
Volume 2
Entry 110 of 365

copyright © by Gary D. Caudill