Who needs a boat?!?

Today’s Reading: Psalm 66-67, Romans 7

Today’s Reflection:  Psalm 66:6   He turned the sea into dry land: they went through the flood on foot: there did we rejoice in him.

Who needs a boat?  Seriously, when you have God on your side, He truly is all you really need.  Ordinary circumstances would have demanded ships by which the children of Israel would attempt to cross the Red Sea.  However, there were simply too many Israelites (some estimate as many as 2.5 million), and so even if boats were available, they would be neither big enough or numerous enough to get them all across in time to save them from Pharaoh’s army.  

In this particular incident, thinking one would need a boat would be a dramatic understatement of the hour.  Which leads me to think; how many times do we with finite minds assess our troubles, then come to God with men’s recommendations on what we THINK we need to see us through?  

Could it be that one of the reasons God has not given us our “boat”, is because He knows that our thinking is too small for the task?  Maybe…just MAYBE…God thinks bigger than us…ya think?  Here’s an idea; instead of trying to downsize God to our level of ingenuity, let us come to Him and simply talk to Him about our troubles that are too big for us, and let HIM do the thinking and the planning on how to overcome.  After all, He JUST MIGHT have a solution that requires only HIS supernatural intervention!!  

When Israel could not see a way out of their dilemma, Moses commanded them to “Stand still, and see the salvation of The Lord!”  In other words, stop dead in your tracks, zip your lips, stand back, and watch God do what God does!  So often God allows God-sized problems into our lives only to train us to learn by default to simply trust Him to see us through.  

It is when we learn how to trust Him, knowing that nothing is too hard for Him, that He makes a way where there is no way.  In this instance, He “turned the sea into dry land”.  He parted the Red Sea with the blast of His nostril, and Israel walked across on dry ground.  They literally went through the flood on foot!  

What was supposed to overcome them, they overcame! What naturally was to destroy them, bowed down to the commandment of God the Father and made way for His children.  And what was the end result?  “There did we rejoice in him.”  Friend, let God lead you through your trouble to the other side, where rejoicing awaits!

Floodgates of Heaven

copyright © by Gary D. Caudill