Decisions are easier when you know who you are!!

Today’s Reading: 1 Sam. 13-14, Luke 10:1-24

Today’s Reflection: 1 Sam. 13:14b …the LORD hath sought him a man after his own heart, and the LORD hath commanded him to be captain over his people…

Before David was promoted as king over Israel, before he was anointed as king by Samuel, before he defeated Goliath, and even before he was fetched from the shepherd’s field, young David got a glimpse of his kingly future. 

At some point during David’s lowly assignment of keeping the sheep, he received a commandment from the LORD that he was to be the captain over Israel. Imagine that! Just a shepherd boy having such grandeur conversations with God Almighty while out tending sheep. 

I wonder if at any point, he doubted the voice of God? I wonder if at any point he wondered if he was just imagining things, or if he was losing his mind? Regardless, what God commanded him to do, came to pass. Now, this begs the question, why did God let him in on that secret ahead of time? 

Could it be because David would soon face Goliath, and would need an underlying understanding of the implications of a victory for himself and for Israel? Could it be that, without the knowledge of his destiny, he would have not been able to recognize and seize the opportunities for advancement that presented themselves to him? And could it be that, had he not been confident that he would end up promoted as king over all of Israel, he might have been a lot less confident, and a lot more timid, shy, and possibly weak and unable to win a victory? 

Dear reader, when you know the end from the beginning, and you know you are on the winning side, it makes fighting a whole lot easier! When you know that this is a “fixed fight” you can go into the battle KNOWING that the victory is already waiting for you on the other side. You may not know exactly how, where, or when, but you just know! And I dare say, since David already knew that he would be king one day, he figured that not even Goliath could stop him. 

Oh what confidence we too can possess as we fight our battles of faith today! We who are redeemed by the Grace of God are already declared overcomers of the world. We have absolutely nothing to lose! Why then do we sheepishly cower to the fiery threats of that old dragon the devil? He is under our feet! 

We have the power in the name of Jesus! And if you’ll listen closely, God will not only show you the end from the beginning, but He will show you the moments between!  The Spirit will show you things to come, and when God speaks of your future, look at your next opportunity through the lens of His promise!

Floodgates of Heaven, Volume 2, Entry 99 of 365
copyright © by Gary D. Caudill

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