God is messing with your enemy's head!

Day 64 (Category: Spiritual Warfare)

Today’s Reading: Num. 32-34, Mark 9:30-50

Today’s Reflection: Numbers 33:40 And king Arad the Canaanite, which dwelt in the south in the land of Canaan, heard of the coming of the children of Israel.

Sandwiched right in the middle of the list of places Israel had pitched their tents is a reference that almost seems out of place, because the passage gives no more light on the subject other than what seems to just be a bit of what we might call trivial information. Israel went here, Israel went there, King Arad heard they were on their way, Israel went here, Israel went there, so on and so on, etc. etc. Did you catch that? What felt like it should have been in parenthesis or a footnote was prominently positioned right where the Holy Ghost wanted it. God wanted us to know that King Arad, a ruler in Canaan land, had gotten word that God’s people were on their way! While Israel may have felt like they were making no progress at all, the enemy was getting nervous. The enemy seemed to be more aware of Israel’s progress than they did. Sometimes it is difficult for us, in the middle of our travels to our destiny, to detect how close we are getting, and sometimes the enemy knows more of our progress than we do! You may feel like you’re getting nowhere, but if you’ve been faithfully serving God, rest assured, the current powers that be are nervous at the prospects of your arrival because they know that it was nothing short of a miracle for you to even be where you are today! They know that if you make it to their borders, they stand NO chance against you and your God! That said, you know you’re getting close to your destiny when the “kings” take notice! For us, a “king” might represent whatever is standing in our way of getting to where God is taking us. In the Kingdom of God, this represents overcoming strongholds that have stood almost relentlessly to resist our progress in getting a foothold, establishing a strong presence in the Earth, and influencing this world to turn to Christ. Whatever your enemy’s name, whoever your “king” may be, just know that you’re closer to victory and possession of the Promised Land than you realize. The enemy wants us to THINK that we’re not making a difference. He wants us to THINK that we’re too small and insignificant. He wants us to THINK that he has giants in his land that will defeat us when we arrive. HOWEVER, just keep marching on, because the closer you get to the promised land, the more nervous and ill equipped “King Arad” will be; because, you don’t know it, but God is messing with his head to prepare him for defeat and you for victory. So MARCH ON, child of God, march on!

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