God's next move is up to you!

Day 33 (Category: Kingdom Principles)

Today’s Reading: Exodus 29-30, Matt. 21:23-46

Today’s Reflection: Matt. 21:43 Therefore I say unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.

Get this principle if you get nothing else; God’s kingdom goes where the fruit grows! Make no mistake about it; God is ever searching for a people and a place whereby He can place His name, and whereby His kingdom is welcomed to prosper. It is when we resist His kingdom, that is, His will to be done in Earth as it is in Heaven, that He relocates to a more willing people. His Spirit indeed will not always strive with man. That is why, when God visits us but even for a moment, we are to cherish that moment and value it so that God would visit with us again and again, and yes, even abide with us! Did He not instruct us that if we drew nigh unto Him, He would draw nigh unto us? Why then are we surprised when at our own will we move away from Him, He does not intrude upon us against our will? To the contrary, when we resist Him, He is not bound by any oath He has made to continue striving with us. However, when we move closer to Him, and receive His Word, He is bound by His own oath that He will indeed incline His ear unto us, and hear our cry! So then, God’s next move is up to us. You heard me right, but just in case, I’ll say it again, God’s next move is up to us! If we will receive His Word as a fertile ground would receive seed from the sower and yield fruit thereby, then His kingdom shall come to us; BUT, if we will reject His Word as a stony ground which cannot bear fruit that remains, then His kingdom will move on to a more fertile ground. Question: based upon fruitfulness or lack thereof, which direction does it appear that God will move in your life…closer, or further away? What about your church? Is God’s face pressed against the veil, waiting for it to be rent in twain from top to bottom by His Son’s Grace, so that He might unleash Heaven’s best upon a people hungry, thirsty, and ready to receive it, or is His heart saddened that He must turn away from some, because of their own resistance? Dear friend, it breaks the heart of God when He wants to pour out His Spirit upon us, and we refuse. Let it not be so in your life! Honor God, honor His Word, and seek to receive and obey Him, and wherever your fruit may grow, His kingdom will go!

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