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Day 24 (Category: Leadership)

Today’s Reading: Exodus 9-11, Matt. 15:21-39

Today’s Reflection: Ex. 11:3 And the LORD gave the people favour in the sight of the Egyptians. Moreover the man Moses was very great in the land of Egypt, in the sight of Pharaoh’s servants, and in the sight of the people.

When God decides to shift things around, He simply shines His light on people and places that otherwise would have never been noticed. For 400 years, the people of Israel were in Egyptian bondage, looked at by the servants of Pharaoh as nothing but slaves, that is, until now! Now God begins to shine His light on His people once again, and all of a sudden, things are beginning to look different! Before, they were seen as just slaves; now, they are gaining respect even from those who have them in chains of bondage. Why? Because of God’s favor! This passage illustrates for us how that God is always full of surprises, completely able to pull up mighty leadership out from the middle of nowhere, to make world-wide, eternal impact! Know assuredly that God has people. Don’t you worry, for “all the old men of God” are not dead and gone. Some have left us, no doubt, but God is always rising up men out of places and circumstances we would least expect, to bring about an Earth-quaking, Heaven-shaking revival in the midst of the darkness. For Moses, this defining moment was life-changing, as people’s perspective of him changed by God’s own shaping. This truth shows us that when God gets ready to rise up new leadership, the place, the timing, and the people will be just right, because God orchestrated it all! Isn't it amazing that when Moses needed to look great in the sight of the people, God caused it to be so? So then, when we are faced with a God-given task, are we to panic over a lack of support from people? Not at all, because when God really gets in it, He will provide you with everything you need, and everybody you need, to get the job done. You may be reading this right now, and needing God’s favor and people’s respect and support in a ministry decision you are having to make; pray that God will do for you and yours exactly what He did for Moses and his people in our text. Oh, that God would rain His favor upon His people in this hour, even as we begin to gain respect from those to whom we are called to be lights in this dark cold world!

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