The "Formula 21" Challenge

Research has proven that 65% of the population are visual learners, and that images are clearly a key to engaging people in the learning process.  Our concept is simply to email a Bible memory verse combined with colorful imagery on a consistent basis to aid in the process of locking the verse into our memory more permanently.

Now, as for "Formula 21"...what is it?  It's simple, really!  Here's the equation...

   21 Verses
x 21 Days
x 21 Weeks
x 21 Months

For example, select the subject for which you want to memorize scripture listed below, then start receiving a daily email for 21 days of the first of 21 memory verses.  Once the first 21 days are up, the 2nd verse will start being sent for the next 21 days while the 1st verse will scale down to once a week for 21 weeks. Once those 21 weeks are up, it will be sent another 21 times, except only once monthly for 21 months.  By the time you get through 21 verses, you will have completed from start to finish a 3 year, 3 month Bible Memory program that is automated using a simple tool everybody that has a smart phone can take advantage and imagery. 

So, go ahead...sigh up for your subject of interest.  More will be added as our ministry expands.  We are excited you are joining us.  Also, if you want to be agressive, you can sign up for more than one subject, but keep in mind that for each subject, you will receive a daily email, so if you sign up under two subjects, you will get two daily Bible Memory verses.  Blessings to you!!

Formula 21 "Preventing Pornography"

Formula 21 "Faith Builders"